Community Planning: 

With almost two decades of land use planning expertise, SRC can assist with an array of planning and economic development functions from current and long range planning to parks planning.​ If you need assistance with comprehensive planning, crafting clear and concise development regulations, parks and trail plans, public participation programs and engagement, or meeting facilitation, SRC can ensure a quality project and process. 

Permit Application Assistance:  

SRC can navigate the permitting processes for your building or land use projects to turn a sometimes frustrating and lengthy process into a simplified and efficient operation. Every zoning code has some loopholes. Administrative exceptions or alternative methods of compliance are available for a variety of requirements, but may not be openly offered. From landscaping standard modifications to parking exceptions, let us do the work to find ways to save you money on your project and prepare the letters needed to obtain approvals. SRC can also assist architects and contractors with navigating the local compliance process.

Urban Design & Review:  

Does your municipality need assistance with project review for compliance with your urban design guidelines and standards, including landscape and signage regulation? Do you need assistance developing standards that are easily implemented? Contact SRC for urban design and review support. 

Project Coordination:  

Do you have a project idea but need assistance getting it started? SRC can assist from pre-application to approval, coordinating the project professionals to ensure application submittals are complete, comments are addressed in a coordinated and timely manner, and your project moves from application to approval quickly to save time and money.

Funding Assistance


Funding Research and Grant Applications: 

Do you lack the training or time needed to meet your funding goals for projects or programs? Non-profits and government agencies are always in need of grant funding but may not employ individuals with the expertise needed to manage the grant application process. Starting a new business and need resource guidance? With years of proven experience in local, state, and federal grant applications and over $3 million of funding success, SRC can provide professional, dedicated service to help you achieve your funding goals.​

Grant Management: 

Once you have successfully won a grant, someone needs to manage the reporting and administration of the grant to ensure compliance during the established time frame. SRC will meet the grant requirements and take additional steps to further future funding success. Let our team manage your grant award to achieve maximum funding and create and/or maintain a long term positive relationship with the funding agency.

Organizational Development


Organizational Development & 

Team Building: 

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful team. SRC can increase your group participation success to maximize your team building and leadership development activities while increasing individual connections. Our team has experienced the true definition of successful organizational development and the toxic effects of dysfunctional organizations. Let us help you bridge the gap between employee compliance and empowerment. Organizational development promotes employee motivation, loyalty, and trust, thereby increasing productivity and overall functionality, happiness, and success. 

Research & Analysis:

SRC has experience conducting salary and benefit analysis as well as strategic workforce planning for jurisdictions. A well designed employee benefits package can help drive employee engagement and encourage your most valuable asset, your staff, to stay committed to your organization.

Concierge Services:  Do you need additional assistance? Discuss the services you need with SRC and let us find a way to assist you. 

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you!  Let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help and can schedule a time to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the services you need. For more information about Synergy Resources Consulting and the services we provide, contact us at (509) 216-0500. You can also contact us by e-mail at: or




"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda Tainio for over 15 years, in my role as the Attorney Assistant to the City of Spokane Hearing Examiner.  As the City Planner, Ms. Tainio was always professional and prepared for public hearings with an in-depth knowledge of the proposed subdivision, conditional use permit, or any other matter that was brought before the Hearing Examiner.  Her staff reports were well organized and supplied the necessary information for the Hearing Examiner to have a basis for an informed decision and her project permit coordination and public notice timing was stellar.  Without any hesitancy, I would recommend Amanda Tainio as a planning professional..."

Lee Ann Reid, Attorney Assistant

City of Spokane Office of the Hearing Examiner  

"Prior to the selection of SPVV as the master planning consultant (and later design landscape architect) for

Orchard Park, Amanda was responsible for initial park programming, public outreach, preliminary concepts, and initial project cost estimating. Her work was invaluable to the community and SPVV as we began the formal master plan, and built community support in advance of pursuit of grant opportunities with the Recreation Conservation Office. During the Master Plan process, Amanda coordinated the overall effort, including continuing the public outreach process, interfacing with city staff and major stakeholders in the area; completed

the RCO grant for the project, and in general served as the point liaison for the City. Having worked with many City representatives in various jurisdictions over the years, I can recommend her wholeheartedly in the execution of planning, public outreach, and grant work..."

Thomas C. Sherry, President

SPVV Landscape Architects 


"In the four years that I worked with Michelle she continually took on greater responsibility within the organization and demonstrated a desire to work effectively and efficiently.  Her professionalism and dedication were impressive and her people skills are excellent.  She is extremely detail oriented and gives 110% to any task. Michelle possess both a prodigious work ethic and a willingness to tackle new responsibilities and projects.  She put this desire into action by creating and leading an effective and efficient recreation program, engaging in ongoing evaluations for continuous improvement, and collaborating with other teams and departments  Her commitment to staff and the organization were exemplary..." 

Doug Smith, 

Community Development Director (retired)

City of Liberty Lake, WA

Funding Assistance


"Synergy Resources Consulting helped me secure a million-dollar grant that was absurdly competitive.  But that's not the half of it, during the application process they were able to successfully navigate processes and personalities that would have been a show-stopper for any other firm."
Mike Tedesco, 

Planning and Economic Development Director

Spokane Tribe of Indians​

"I was working as a pro bono consultant with a Portland-based Native American group that was seeking a federal grant. The group had a lot of enthusiasm and vision, but little familiarity with the federal grants process. A colleague recommended Synergy Resources Consulting and we were not disappointed. With Synergy's careful guidance—and patience with having to coordinate a team that was amending and refining the proposal in the process of writing the grant—we went from an inchoate idea of a business incubator to serve Portland's Native American population to a refined proposal that won a federal grant award."
Steve Dubb, Ph.D.,
Community Wealth Building Strategist

“As part of a team, she skillfully did the research and wrote and presented several large grants which we successfully received saving taxpayers in our city close to $1 million over my term... Wrote and presented surveys identifying the needs within the community for implementation... The successes during that time were monumental, she looked for ways to stretch our resources and keep what was important to our community members. The grants written enabled us to build a Skate Park, Rocky Hill Park in (2) phases, purchased/renovated an existing building to house police and library and furnished it utilizing Craig’s list, install solar panels for energy savings and improve safety in our roads and community just to name a few...”
Wendy Van Orman,
City of Liberty Lake Mayor 2008-2011 

"Michelle is an intelligent and motivated individual.  She is more than capable of managing groups of people, directing and planning, or leading with results driven enthusiasm, either on her own, or under direction by others. Michelle is an accomplished grant author and co-author, which brought in supporting dollars for the City’s recreational program.  I always found Michelle to be innovative and to possess superior problem solving skills..." 

Odin Langford, 

City Councilman

City of Liberty Lake, WA

Organizational Development


"I had the pleasure of working with Synergy Resources Consulting on two projects this past year. Amanda Tainio and Michelle Griffin compiled a Salary and Benefits Comparison and a Strategic Workforce Plan for the City of West Richland. Their experience with municipal government, knowledge of the inner workings of each department and individual job positions made the process easy for us. Both projects were a collaborative process between West Richland staff and Synergy Resources. Synergy truly listened to our needs and wants and their creative solutions to problems reflected their awareness of our concerns. These assignments grew in scope and had some directional changes, yet Synergy rolled with our changes, offered resourceful solutions and was conscientious of our budget. The final project of both projects was well researched, thoughtfully analyzed and usefully organized. I highly recommend Synergy Resources Consulting for your consulting needs."

Brent Gerry, Mayor

City of West Richland, WA

"I recommend Michelle, without reservation, for any endeavor she would undertake.  She will certainly bring refined leadership and quality services to any team…"

Julee M. Conway,

Parks and Recreation Director 

(2000 - 2008)

City of Corvallis, OR

"I had the distinct pleasure of having Ms. Griffin in my Leadership and Human Resources class. Ms. Griffin was actively engaged in this online course. Through her dialogue and assignments, she demonstrated skill in strategy, critical thinking, analysis, and leadership..."

Dr. Deborah Hedderly,  MBA, Ed.D Professor Adjunct

Gonzaga University School of Leadership Studies